Stevie J claims he’s a victim of extortion in child support scandal

Stevie J has suffered through endless scandals ever since he popped back up on the celebrity radar years ago thanks to “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. And although most of his scandals result from problems



Black natural hairstylists can be fined $100K for braiding hair in Tennessee

Government officials in Tennessee have found a new way to tax Black people. This time, they’re aiming at natural hair stylists. The Tennessee Board of Cosmetology and barber Examiners are fining natural hairstylists up to


Soul Bowl is the future of soul food in the Twin Cities

Gerard and Brittney Klass, the co-creators of Soul Bowl are launching their Kickstarter campaign and fourth pop-up restaurant. Gerard, regional chef for Crave and Brittney, most recently service manager for D’Amico have combined their more


Rihanna shuts down Snapchat single-handedly; social media rejoices

Rihanna did not just snatch off Snapchat’s wig and stomp on it, she also swiped its soul (meaning its stock market value) sending it further into the abyss. After Snapchat ran a repellent ad on


TBS celebrates Tracy Morgan’s return to TV at SXSW

South by Southwest (SXSW) is an annual gathering of conferences and festivals to celebrate the unity of the film and music industry. Events began Friday, March 9, 2018, and will last until Saturday, March 17,